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Certificates for our short courses of April 2022 are ready for collection

Certificate courses


what we do

Pastry class

We knead* you

Join us and learn how to demystify your cake decorating inhabitations.

Learn how to bake and decorate all sort of cakes; from wedding cakes to birthday cakes, and lots more. If you want to learn baking and the decorative magic. Join Kenswed Vocational Training Centre and your world of cakes will be demystified.


Pastry Arts

  1. Food handler certificate
  2. Kitchen hand cloth
  3. Closed flat shoes-Preferably white
  4. Notebook and pen
  5. Chef coat (White)
  6. Apron to be worn during practicals
  7. A pair of Kitchen heat resistant hand gloves
  8. A face mask-COVID compliant
  9. Chef cap- White
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Certificate courses

Hairdressing & Beauty

what we do

Hair Dressing and Beauty

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Join us and learn how to demystify your hairdressing and beauty inhabitations.

Our secondary objective is to maximize the development and personal growth of each student as a total person, to help each student discover his or her own potential and hopefully function as cosmetology entrepreneur and driver of the future.


Beauty therapy


  1. Towels 4(Salon sizes)
  2. 1 pair of slippers
  3. Nail polishes(Luron)4 colored top and base
    coat+ nail art
  4. Polish remover
  5. Cotton wool
  6. Eye pencil (Color 18)
  7. Lip color
  8. Makeup brushes+ make up kit
  9. Face towels 4pcs
  10. Massage oil
  11. Face mask
  12. Cleanser
  13. Toner
  14. Cuticle gel
  15. Eyebrow thread
  16. Buffer, nail file
  17. Scrub
  18. Scrapper, pumice stone
  19. Manicure set+ nail cutter
  20. Manicure and pedicure brushes
  21. Stick-on nails and glues
  22. Tweezers
  1. Hair food
  2. Hair treatment
  3. Plaiting comb, styling comb and afro comb
  4. Hair braids (4)
  5. Molding gel
  6. Disinfectant (Savlon)
  7. Styling gel eco
  8. Sheen spray,
  9. Styling pins
  10. 2 packets of rollers(Medium size)
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Certificate courses

Computer Programming

what we do

Computer programming

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Join us and learn how to demystify your computer programming skills

The 2nd Module entails Advanced coverage of module 1 courses such as Java. Other units to be covered includes Python programming language and Network Administration.

Students wishing to take this course should have general knowledge in using a computer, managing files, and a basic knowledge of the Internet. If you are looking for a good college in Kajiado to study Computer programming, then join Kenswed Vocational and Training Center.

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